Stainless steel bottles are made of alloy metal products, metal trace element content will be different according to different purposes. Common metal elements includes chromium, nickel, silicon, carbon, aluminum etc.. As we know that iron is essential element that human need every day, but glass bottle cannot provide that.

Stainless steel thermos bottle cup is mainly produced by the combination of double stainless steel material through vacuum technology. The vacuum structure can effectively control heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation, cold preservation and freshness preservation. Therefore, it has three major functions: heat preservation, cold preservation and freshness preservation. At the same time, it has three advantages: health, fashion and environmental protection. It meets the current requirements of green environmental protection and low-carbon economy.

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Stainless steel insulating cups can keep the temperature of water and food in containers for a long time, so that users can enjoy hot food or drink in different time and situation, which is conducive to improving people’s quality of life; secondly, stainless steel is used as raw materials, which will not produce harmful substances and odors during using; and insulating drinking water can avoid damaging water quality caused by repeated burning water.

2018 OEM Private Label BPA Free Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle
2018 OEM Private Label BPA Free Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

2. Fashion

With the change of consumers’ aesthetic taste and the progress of manufacturing technology, more and more manufacturers integrate fashion elements into product appearance design. The product style is becoming more diverse and beautiful, which meets consumers’ demand for fashion.

3.Environmental protection

Promoting stainless steel insulating bottle cups can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of disposable plastic containers and paper cups, and reduce the consumption of natural resources such as oil, wood and water in the production of plastic containers and paper cups. At the same time, stainless steel thermos cup can keep heat for a long time, reducing the power consumption caused by repeated heating. In addition, the waste of disposable bottled water is serious. Replacing disposable plastic containers with stainless steel insulating bottles can effectively reduce the waste of water resources.

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