Thermos bottle is a kind of common drinking water cup at home and office. With the development of technology, a variety of novel thermos bottle styles have emerged. There are also many brands of thermos bottles , some of which you may have heard, some are created in recent years. Some are just tens dollars, and some are hundreds of dollars.

How to select Thermos cup online?

What is a thermos cup and how does it work?

The predecessor of the thermos cup is thermos flask, the principle of heat preservation is the same.

The inside of thermos flask is not complicated. There is a double glass layer in the middle , which is pumped into a vacuum state between the two layers, and the vacuum state can avoid heat convection. Silver-plated glass reflects heat radiating outward from inside the container. Similarly, if you store cold liquids in a thermos bottle, you can prevent heat radiating from the outside into the bottle. This can constantly keep the liquid inside same temperature for a certain period of time.

The material of vacuum cup on the market basically is porcelain and stainless steel, with vacuum layers or filler to prevent heat transfer.So a lot of magnetized cups are also a kind of thermos cups.Generally ceramic cups (live porcelain is good for health) have more literary style.

And the thermos cup wall inside can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum insulation layer of cup and bottle body can block the transfer of heat, makes the liquid inside keep heat.Vacuum insulation bottle body can prevent hot convection.People can drink hot water after hours later.

At present, designers pay more attention to functional innovation and detailed design on thermos cups, and gift company speed up the creative innovation to meet people’s requirement.

In addition to the traditional thermos cup and travel mugs, “multi-purpose of a cup” has become the trend of new thermos cup.In recent years, there is a popular worldwide and popular Car Vacuum Cup.As long as you press the button on the lidwhen driving, the water will flow out automatically, which would avoid splashing wet in the car.It is easy to operate with one hand. Still Some are double layers thermos cup design.Also bottom box has the dark case that holds tea, candy, coffee.Some water bottle have simmer function.Now the custom branded bottles with pop culture are also popular.

No matter to travel or use at home themos vacuum bottles are very convenient, which make thermos cup has more connotation and practical .

What’s the difference between a thermos hot cup and a thermos cold cup? And what a good thermos cup should be?

What’s the difference between a thermos hot cup and a thermos cold cup? In fact, the principle is the same, just a different name. The thermos cold cup is also a kind of thermos cup, but the thermos hot cup usually has a sealed cup lid and body heat preservation). Cold cups are designed straight, although they have the same function. But donot put too hot water in the cold bottle, because in case you are careless and drink it directly, it will burn you.

A good thermos cup should have the following: elegant shape, smooth appearance, uniform pattern and color, clear edge.The inside of the cup is very smooth, all are stainless steel material and seamless seal, refined with advanced vacuum technology. The sealing cover is made of “PP” plastic material, harmless to heating, and seamless sealing after tightening the cap and the cup body .

Choose the plastic material for the lid

Each plastic containers (generally) has a little the symbol of a triangle on the bottom, triangle is punctuated with 1-7 Numbers.Each number represents their materials, PET “1”, HDPE”2″, PVC “3”, LDPE “4”, PS”6″, is often used to make water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, clean bath product containers, toys, stationery, instant noodles, cling film, plastic box, snack box and so on.

“5” PP (polypropylene), is the safest plastic material, the only plastic can be put into the microwave oven. Now it is also used to make water cups, milk bottles and so on. The classification of plastic here is mainly to tell you that the insulation cup sealing cover made of PP material is the best. All the major brands also have PP sports cups or PP kids cups.

Choose 304 stainless steel

201 stainless steel: acid resistance, alkali resistance is much weaker than the 304 level, mostly used in the production of industrial steel tubes, decoration materials, watch case, watchband.

304 stainless steel (18/8) : internationally recognized food-grade stainless steel.18/8 means that the stainless steel material composition contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel.The material meet this standard has excellent corrosion resistance and good processing performance. High temperature can reach 1000-1200 degrees, is an absolutely safe and hygienic material.It is the safest raw material for the liner of high quality thermos cups.

316 stainless steel (18/10) : medical grade stainless steel! Its corrosion resistance, easy processing and welding performance is better than 304, but the cost is very high. If there is no special requirements, the manufacturers will not use in addition to the medical equipment in the hospital.

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